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Couples and romantic/sexual partners may seek out psychotherapy for many reasons and in different stages of their relationship. I work with all different types of couples including asexual/aromantic relationships and polyamorous relationships, and couples were one or more have experienced complex trauma and sexual abuse. 

Couples Therapy can help you:


  • Work through/navigate infidelity, sexual difficulties, divorce/separation, remarriage, grief, financial issues, parenting conflicts, cultural tensions, personal history of trauma, depression, anxiety, aging, illness, and any other source of stress 

  • Create deeper intimacy both emotionally and sexually

  • Develop communication skills and skills for managing conflict 

  • Attachment-based couples work: understanding how your childhood attachments influence your current relationship


All sessions take place online at this time


They are 45-50 minutes in length and cost around $100 - $150 or through Cigna & Anthem Insurance. I do offer a sliding scale fee for special circumstances. 

Image by Külli Kittus
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