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Meet Winnie!

Winnie is a mini Golden Doodle (golden retriever/poodle) who is in the beginning stages of her training to become a therapy dog. I have seen the powerful affects animals have on the healing process and I knew that when I started my own practice I wanted my partner to be a therapy dog. 

Winnie introduced herself to me after a grounding hike in which during a moment of meditative silence and asked if there were any gifts I am meant to receive. After running into a black pug and boxer who to me represented my past dogs of Gir (a black pug) and Lucky (a boxer) who spent all their time together, a family member showed me a picture of Winnie and told me she was available and I knew instantly she was my gift. 


Winnie may join us in our sessions together from time to time and I can’t wait for you to meet her. 


Winnie is a hypoallergenic dog, but I also know that there are some individuals who have trauma around dogs. Though I may bring her in during later sessions to help with this trauma please let me know if you have any fear or trauma around dogs prior to our first session. 

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